We are a group of small producers who believe that in small production is the essence of extra virgin olive oil as it has been traditionally done since ancient times.

We have chosen the production of olive oil of very high quality and bottled our own in origin, compared to the industrial production of large quantities where we can not intervene in each and every one of the processes that go from the care of the fruit to the arrival to the client.

Our rules are to take care of the product from the collection of the olive until it reaches your table, without forgetting the care of the tree throughout the year and respecting the rules that lead to an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

All the producers take into account a series of aspects that lead our oils to be of extreme quality, rules that we explain in the section Why our olive oil?

Every time you open a bottle of olive oil from one of our brands, you are opening the dedication of hundreds of people dedicated to olive cultivation throughout the year with the experience that, since time immemorial, has been happening from parents to children without underestimating the technological advances of recent years.

In excellentoliveoil “Gran Alcuza” we take care that each of these rules are complied with and are present in each of our brands and varieties. For this reason, on our website, you will only find oil with the qualification of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” which is the guarantee of a superior quality product.

Each and every one of our brands is a guarantee of quality.