As we have said in the sections “What is olive oil?” and “Types of olive oil”, the quality of the oil is directly related to many factors. Among the main ones we can mentionare the quality of the olive, the care that the tree receives throughout the year, the way the olive is collected, the time that elapses from the time the fruit is harvested until it is taken to the extraction area, the treatments with fertilizers or phytosanitary if any… and a host of factors that are fundamental for the resulting product to be of excellent quality.

By dealing directly with farmers and small producers, you have the guarantee that the elaboration process is as rudimentary as possible, resembling the way of extracting the oil as it was done in ancient Roman times, avoiding sophisticated industrial processes and chemical treatments throughout the extraction process. The denomination “Olive Oil”

“Extra Virgin” requires that the extraction process be only by mechanical processes (crushing, centrifugation and decanting) of the fruit of the tree.

Some aspects of why choose our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO):

We comply with the rapid collection of the fruit, delivery to the mill and immediate extraction, key aspects for the good quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Our oil is always from the first extraction and always cold (room temperature), we never subject our oils to an increase in temperature to achieve a greater production. Although we get smaller productions, the quality is not diminished by this method.

We never mix our oil with others of lower quality or from previous years.

Our mills (extraction mills) are at the foot of the olive grove, often a few minutes away, which guarantees that the time elapsed from the collection to the extraction of the oil is minimal.

Bottling is done immediately after extraction and in dark containers to avoid oxidation or loss of properties.

The conservation is maintained at a constant temperature and limited light to avoid the loss of its properties as much as possible.

In addition to the permanent contact with the producers and the care of the quality, we always try to make sure that our oil is the last harvest of the year, to guarantee that the product reaches the client with all the organoleptic properties of smell, taste and beneficial properties.